A downloadable tool for Windows

Tool for creating and editing lighting systems/engines for GameMaker: Studio 2. In this tool, you'll be able to modify and toggle a variety of settings and features to create your lighting engine to look just how you want it to. Then, you can export your engine as GML code which you can import into your game.


  • Emissive sprites
    • Toggle between Gaussian, Box and No Blur
    • Can modify Blur Amount and Blur Intensity
  • Subtractive (Normal) Lighting
    • Switch between Solid, StairStep, Linear and SmoothStep lights
    • Switch between Add and Max blend modes
    • Modify Global Ambience
    • Change the Hue of the Lights
    • Change the Strength of the Lights
    • Change the Radius of the Lights
  • Export to GML Code and GLSL Shader Fragments

Credit to surt (Carl Olsson) for his art assets.


GMSLightingEditor_v1.2.5.zip 1 MB


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It sure looks interesting, but does it work with game maker studio 1.4 too?

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I really like this but I sadly get an error: 

Fragment Shader: shdrGaussian at line 21 : '='

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Edit: I think the intensity uniform should be a float

Hey, thanks for the comment! I'll look into this issue tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.

The issue should be fixed now. I have also added in a GML trig precompute step that eliminates up to a couple million trig calculations in the fragment shader, so it should be much more efficient (probably not as efficient as a 2 pass, though). Please tell me if you encounter any more issues!

Thank you I will try it :)


Hey, this is pretty cool! :)


Thanks man!